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Exhibition: “Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser”

Only three more months until the Victoria and Albert Museum in London will open their long awaited Alice in Wonderland exhibition. Tickets are available since today!

The exhibition explores the “origins, adaptations and reinventions” of the story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and “charts the evolution of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from manuscript to a global phenomenon beloved by all ages”.

The exhibition is set up as a theatrical show, which means that there will be theatrical sets, large digital projections and ‘immersive environments’. There will be over 300 objects to explore, related to film, performance, fashion, art, music and photography.

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Alice in Wonderland shops around the world

Alice on Wednesday

There are several shops completely dedicated to Alice in Wonderland products – and not just in the United Kingdom! If you’re in one of the area’s mentioned below, be sure to pay those shops a visit.

Alice’s Shop / “The Old Sheep Shop” (Oxford, UK)

The most famous Alice in Wonderland shop is of course the souvenir shop in Oxford, which was actually encorporated into ‘Through the Looking Glass’! The little shop is literally stuffed to the brim with all kinds of Alice in Wonderland souvenirs. It is located directly in front of Christ Church, where Lewis Carroll and Alice lived, so you can combine a visit to these historical and fun places!

Me in front of the Old Sheep Shop Alice's Shop

Location: 83 St Aldates, Oxford, UK – https://aliceinwonderlandshop.com/

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Lewis Carroll’s 188th birthday

Happy un-unbirthday, Lewis Carroll! Today the author of the ‘Alice’ books would have turned 188 years old.

According to the Nursery ‘Alice’, he would have liked a bowl of oatmeal-porrige best today. So here’s one to you, Mr. Carroll!

bowl of oatmeal-porridge

“Do you know, one day we remembered it was Dash’s birthday that day. So we said “let’s give Dash a nice birthday-treat, like what we have on our birthdays!’ So we thought and we thought “Now, what is it we like best of all, on our birthdays?’ And we thought and we thought. And at last we all called out together “Why, it’s oatmeal-porridge, of course!’

Limited Edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, signed by Alice, for sale

A limited edition copy of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” is for sale on eBay. It is special, because it was signed by the real Alice.

In 1932 there was a celebration of the centenary of Lewis Carroll’s birth. Alice Liddell (by then married and named Alice Hargreaves) received an honorary degree from Columbia University, for which she traveled to New York. For this centenary, a limited edition of 1500 hardcover books was published, which were all signed by Alice (and also by the typographer and binder, Frederic Ward).

Cover and slipcase of the 1932 signed edition

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Talk: “Sir John Tenniel: Illustrating Alice”

On the 28th of February, there will be a talk by dr. Leo John De Freitas about John Tenniel’s illustrations for the ‘Alice’ books in London (UK).

Sir John Tenniel was born on 28 February 1820, so this talk is a celebration of the 200th anniversary of his birthday. The talk is organized by the Lewis Carroll Society.

Dr. De Freitas is one of Britain’s leading authorities on the history of illustration and has written books on Sir John Tenniel and other artists.

Date: Friday 28 February 2020
Time: 6.30 – 7 pm
Location: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, London
Costs: £5 (free for members of the Lewis Carroll Society)

Drawing of Sir John Tenniel

Wasp in a Wig challenge

Are you an artist? Then you may want to join the ‘Wasp in a Wig challenge’: produce an image, in any media, of the Wasp character from the dismissed Through the Looking Glass chapter “A Wasp in a Wig”.

A Wasp in a Wig” was a chapter in Through the Looking Glass that never made it into the published book. Illustrator John Tenniel thought it wasn’t interesting enough and ‘couldn’t see his way into a picture’. Lewis Carroll then decided to drop the entire episode from the book.

"The Wasp in a Wig" by Ralph Steadman, after TennielLarissa Averbug, a Brazilian graphic designer and researcher in children’s literature, is currently working on her PhD research, titled “The Multiple Faces of Alice: An Irreversible Creative Dynamic”. The intent is “to investigate, in practice, the creative thinking of contemporary visual artists from distinct media through a ludic experiment”. For her research she is challenging artists to create the Wasp character in any media they like. The challenge might also result in an exhibition and a book for collectors.

If you want an invitation to join the challenge, send Larissa an email: [email protected].

See also the Instagram and Facebook pages of this project.