Book review: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Decoded” by David Day

The recently published book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland decoded” claims to explain the meaning of the ‘Alice’ story. The author identifies all kinds of hidden references behind the story on many levels, including links to mathematical problems, the classics, and real people that lived in Victorian Oxford.

The premise

Alices-Adventures-in-Wonderland-Decoded-The-Full-Text-of-Lewis-Carrolls-Novel-with-its-Many-Hidden-Meanings-Revealed-0According to author David Day, it is almost impossible that the ‘Alice’ story does not have a deeper meaning. Lewis Carroll was many things: a reverend, a mathematician fond of the subject of logic, schooled in the classics, very critical towards the way dean Liddell was running Christ Church college, and much more. Also, besides the ‘Alice’ books, he published many critical pamphlets and articles with similar underlying references. Therefore, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland must be more than merely a children’s story.

Day argues that the story is centrally:

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Talk: ‘Alice in Waterland’

On 24 November 2015, Mark J. Davies will give an illustrated talk called ‘Alice in Waterland’. It will take place near Oxford, United Kingdom.

The River Thames was fundamentally important in the creation of the famous tales of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. On a Victorian virtual voyage – from the riverside picnic at nearby Godstow where the tale was first told to the last of the many boat outings he made with the real Alice (Liddell) and her sisters – some of the real people, places, and events which underlie the fantasy will be revealed.

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Alice in Wonderland live action movie: behind the scenes

Did you know that before drawing the 1951 cartoon movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Walt Disney Studios shot a full length live-action movie, in which voice actress Kathryn Beaumont physically acted out all the scenes?

In this ‘behind the scenes’ movie from Movieclips Extras, you can see fragments of this live-action movie and how it influenced the moves of Alice in the final cartoon movie.