Lecture: “The Natural History of ALICE: Bats, Cats and Dormice”

After the Lewis Carroll Society’s Annual Meeting, which takes place in London, there will be a lecture that is open to all.

The lecture is called “The Natural History of ALICE: Bats, Cats and Dormice” – or “the ABCD of Wonderland”. 🙂

Rosemary Etheridge of the Harrow Natural History Society and Jane Skelly of the Lewis Carroll Society discuss the natural and not so natural history to be found in the Alice books. From dormice nesting in teapots to the evolution of the Bread-and-butter fly.

Date: 17 November 2017
Time: 7.00 pm
Location: The Art Workers’ Guild, London (UK)
Admission: free

Alice’s Adventures Under Ground facsimile sold

Yesterday, a presentation copy of the first “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground” facsimile was auctioned and sold at Sotheby’s. So if you wanted it, you’re too late, but I’m reproducing it here so you know what it looks like and what prices these kind of copies can go for nowadays.

This book is a presentation copy for the facsimile of “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground”, the manuscript that preceded “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The copy is inscribed by Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) himself and addressed to the Duchess of Albany.

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Third American McGee’s Alice game?

Many Alice in Wonderland fans have enjoyed the “American McGee’s Alice” game and its sequel “Alice: Madness Returns”. They are currently considering a third game, but need to convince EA to produce it. You can help with that!

American McGee is working on a proposal for the next chapter in Alice’s adventures, with the working title “Alice: Asylum”. When this proposal is finished it will be sent to EA. You can show your support for this effort and convince EA to bring it out by signing up to their mailing list: http://www.americanmcgee.com/alice-3/

American McGee's Alice

Shop temporarily closed

Because of ongoing issues with my webshop, I had to temporarily close it down.

There are some technical issues with the plugins I am using and it was slowing down the site so much, that it became unuseable. So unfortunately I had no other choice than to close it down, until the issues are resolved. I have no idea how long this will take, as I depend on the developers of those plugins.

Thank you for your understanding!