Third American McGee’s Alice game?

Many Alice in Wonderland fans have enjoyed the “American McGee’s Alice” game and its sequel “Alice: Madness Returns”. They are currently considering a third game, but need to convince EA to produce it. You can help with that!

American McGee is working on a proposal for the next chapter in Alice’s adventures, with the working title “Alice: Asylum”. When this proposal is finished it will be sent to EA. You can show your support for this effort and convince EA to bring it out by signing up to their mailing list:

American McGee's Alice

Shop temporarily closed

Because of ongoing issues with my webshop, I had to temporarily close it down.

There are some technical issues with the plugins I am using and it was slowing down the site so much, that it became unuseable. So unfortunately I had no other choice than to close it down, until the issues are resolved. I have no idea how long this will take, as I depend on the developers of those plugins.

Thank you for your understanding!

Lecture: Off with her head! – Lewis Carroll and Violence

On the 13th of October there will be a lecture about violence in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. It will take place in London (UK).

Lewis Carroll’s worlds of the imagination are places of unexpectedly violent encounters: from the despotic Queen of Hearts terrorising Wonderland with threats of wholesale decapitation to those battling duos beyond the Looking-Glass, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Lion and the Unicorn and the Red and White Knights. This topic will be considered in the lecture.

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Site slow / unreachable

Lately my site has been very slow and sometimes you’ll even see a ‘503 service unavailable’ error when loading a page.

This is due to a buggy third party plugin I’m using for my webshop. As I cannot just shut it off, it unfortunately means that I’ll have to wait for an update from the creator of the plugin before I can fix it.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.


155th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

Exactly 155 years ago, Charles Dodgson started telling his ‘Wonderland’ tales to Alice and her sisters, during a boat trip.

The story arose at 4 July 1862, and was continued on further trips with the children. The tales evolved into the manuscript ‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground’.

Later, Dodgson (under his pen name ‘Lewis Carroll’) decided to publish the story. On 4 July 1865, the first edition of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ was printed – which was 3 years later, now exactly 152 years ago!

Alice with the strange looking party of animals

Alice’s Day 2017

The annual Alice’s Day in Oxford (UK) is coming up! This year this fun event will take place on 1 July.

The day provides fun for the whole family, with many events taking place. There’s street theatre, live music, circus skills, guided tours, and more. This year’s theme is ‘riddles & puzzles’.

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