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Alice in Wonderland play at Quinta da Regaleira (Portugal)

Postby Sandman » Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:30 pm

Hello fellow wonderlanders DIS:-)

There is an interactive play of Alice in Wonderland happening in Portugal at Quinta da Regaleira - It´s a gothic revivalism/ romantic castle surrounded by deep woods (some mushrooms over there), with a very wonderland-esque feel! It even has a secret passage underground.

I have already checked out the place and i´m really excited to go watch it next weekend. I heard it follows the book really well, and they invite people to sit at the tea party, play criquet and participate in the judgement at the end (I hope there´s a caucus race as well).

I´ll say something then!

If you can read portuguese, here´s the site for the play:

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