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Speakimg out against forced marriage amongst families?

Postby Bryandenardis » Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:24 pm

I believe the main message of this story was to speak out against prearranged family marriage. Symbolizing Alice's mother-in-law as a wicked queen dominating her queendom of people who are just crazy with every disorder known: schizophrenia, bipolarism, narcism... you name it! So was the reality of forcing cousins of related families to marry. Outside of Alice's schizophrenic vision, her family was in reality suffering the painful consequences of inbreeding amongst royal families. The saddest part is we don't know the story of her father other than the Mad Hatter... Most likely he never made it to China, fell into deep depression, and in unsanitary poverty did nothing but drink tea all day having conversations with the rats nibbling off the table in his deep schizophrenic trance. Until his rat buddies unwillingly "poison his tea" with black death and he dies.

Their health was also declining: what young man in his teens would already have severe stomach problems like a pure bred Abyssinian cat? without any chili pepper...

The moral code was shattering! It all originates from the wicked queen's (mother-in-law) desire to have "beautiful" pure bred grand kids; heaven forbid if her son were to marry a German they might come out looking strange!!! But at least their brains would be normal and not die from bad digestion. The whole family encouraged incestuousness: it was a FAMILY reunion and Alice caught her future brother in law making out with SOMEONE??? The eccentric twins girls get blackmailed about bathing naked... Obviously if it was just "bathing" it wouldn't be as much a blackmail as an incestuous lesbian relationship.

Then comes the reality of the superficial "happiness" of forced marriage. The final battle in Alice's dream ironically looked just like a dance floor! Each white lady troop fighting against her male card troop companion, not dancing, but fighting! What's really intriguing is Alice's future husband being a vicious dragon forcing her into submission. NO, she really doesn't view him that badly as her cousin, but as a husband in whom she's not interested in, he becomes the most unattractive monster out to get her.

The whole moral of the story is to grab your sword of courage and stand up against your family traditions by slaying the dragon. Finally freeing all your poor family subjects from the wicked domination of family inbreeding, enslaving them to mental disorders and physical ailments. To travel far out, even to China, and marry the one YOU truly love, not so much whom your family approves.

I'm proud to have followed this powerful and beautiful message by traveling afar to my "China" and finding the true love of my life; proudly breaking family traditions. Hopefully freeing my children from all the mental disorders I inherited from the wicked queen's reign....

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Re: Speakimg out against forced marriage amongst families?

Postby Bryandenardis » Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:03 pm

I have no idea idea what kind of audience is reading my ideas. I have no idea if people even have enough interest to read the whole post. I think its important to know if I really need to share my ideas on another website, or just simply keep them to myself.

Please share a comment, no matter how negative it could get.

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Re: Speakimg out against forced marriage amongst families?

Postby Lenny » Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:07 am

Alice indeed rebels against her path in life being determined by her family and finally chooses her own path. However, to claim that the main message of the movie is being against forced marriages, is a little far fetched I think.

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