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Postby Naku Chan In Wonderland » Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:51 pm

Maybe I worded it wrong...maybe not in plot terms, but it FELT like a rip-off of LWW. The story is a bit different, but the battle scene at the end just made it feel like it was trying to be something it obviously wasn't. Don't get me wrong, I love the Narnia books and films. :-)
I think about what i vaguely remember of the Tim Burton one, and it sounds right, but mostly there have been story ideas like that before I'm sure.

Ah yes, I too hate the Tim Burton film with a passion (though I tend to buy some interesting merchandise once in a while) How could it be a SEQUEL? What is it a sequel OF!? The animated one? Then why is it ALSO called Alice in Wonderland? It really irritated me alot you know, if they had a DIFFERENT name maaaaybe i'd be a teeny bit nicer but you know my friend said "Alice" sounded bored and yes it's nice they were trying to make a message but it was done all wrong and what message? AIW doesnt have one it never did wtf

I love how shes like "I don't want to fight, oh, ok i guess i will"

Ok maybe i should rant about this somewhere else i hope to review it on a webshow idea i have =w=

but as for a question...."What happens to movies that were not thought through?" about the several points that were not right about the movie???


Postby Guest » Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:42 am

Oh boy, Tim Burton should have really kept his hands off of these stories. Regardless you'll find the major differences here:

Alice is very much adventures as the title suggest so the plot is chopped up into encounters per chapter. The most plot you'll get from text is "The Looking-glass" as Alice tries to get to the eight square to become a Queen. Tim Burton uses the Jabberwocky poem poorly to create a coming-of-age story for Alice to endure.

The characters are poorly chosen in Tim Burton's defense. Characters like the Hatter, Hare, and Dormouse have lost their charm and became unrecognizable. Important characters like the Gryphon, Mock Turtle, and Knight are replaced with underplayed characters such as the dog, the Bandersnatch, and the Jabberwock. There is also no effort into choosing a new handful of characters as most of the characters were from the well known Disney film offering no real change to Wonderland.

Alice is a girl and the books know that. If at any danger, there is some manner of escape that comes to her. Tim makes her attack it face-on even when it wasn't her problem to deal with in the first place.

The list goes on but it's not that hard to find the disconnections. They stick out like a sore thumb.

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