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Richard Paulson

Alice's appeal is because it is a saner world than this one

Postby Richard Paulson » Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:11 pm


I don't know if this can be called a new topic, but I saw no where else to put this comment. To me, the appeal on some level, is that even though the Alice books magnify nonsense, at least Alice realizes it is nonsense. Whereas in our real world, people really can't see reality, as nothing is as it seems. (I think I am probably alone in this view, but the world really is like a dream.)

Another appeal with Alice, is that she seems ready to accept anything as real and as truth provided it makes sense to her on some level, or even if it doesn't make sense, her innocence and lack of pride is shown in her believing anything and anyone or that is, the readiness of mind to let go of what she thinks is real or to accept new realities that she might have thought as unreal or absurd. She doesn't entirely rely on her own mind, but doesn't reject it altogether. I don't know if this is a perfect explanation of what I mean, but it is the beauty of the child. Dodgson has caught this aspect of the child without even realizing how well, perhaps. It is because he knew and appreciated particularly the female child so well. Alice does seem to be unique and the only sane person in the story. But the most insane aspect of the other characters I think, is not revealed in their talk, but in their attitude. They think they know everything. It isn't ever Alice that is trying to tell everyone/anyone things. She is the learner, they are the teachers. They are opinionated, and she ready to believe anything. The reason why I say "the world" is more insane than Alice's dream is just for this reason.

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