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Alice's sixpence unclaimed?

Postby Treacle » Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:22 am

Cultural Slag (1966), by Felicia Lamport, contains a poem, Centenary Lines To Alice's Variorum Quorum (which has an Edward Gorey illustration of the Cheshire Cat's head in the air!). The poem opens with:

"You are odd, Lewis Carroll," the scholars have cried,
"We must funnel you through a computor
To bring out the nuggets of meaning you hide;
You are clever, but we are astuter."

The last two lines are:

But Alice's charming adventures remain
Unexplained, unimpeached, unalloyed.

Felicia Lamport made that comment 49 years ago. Things don't seem to have changed much, for better or worse.

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