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Halloween's Alice

Postby Laurenne » Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:34 am

Hello everyone!

I'm all new here, i've discovered the site because I was looking for costume ideas. I'm invited to halloween party with the theme "Disney Vilains" so everyone will be in Cruella, Ursula,... well, in vilains. But I've decided to dress up in Alice and convert her "to the dark side".
Do you have any ideas of accesoires?
What I have already thought about:
- writing "we're all mad here" in bloody letters, on my back
- bring some weird chinese mushrooms and write "eat me" on the box
- find a plush white rabbit, cut his throat and may be write drink me "with its blood"
- make some latex injuries on my arm, like if i had tried to kill myself


P.S: sorry english isn't my native langage :)

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