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Alice in Wonderland Disney Comics (1950’s era)

Postby Cheshire Dodo » Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:16 pm

These are links to websites of scans of comic books / series, based around the Disney’s 1951 film, dating from that time:

Alice in Wonderland / Alice Through the Looking Glass / Alice. Micky Mouse Weekly 1952.

http://vintagedisneyalice.blogspot.co.u ... e%20Weekly

This one has already appeared on the forum, here:

Covers Alice in Wonderland (the Disney film), and then becomes Alice Through the Looking Glass as a separate story. Part way through this is renamed simply Alice.

Alice Through the Looking Glass / Alice starts similar to the book, and then turns into a story where the White King’s crown has been stolen by the Walrus, and Alice recovers it.
This could be used as a separate story. DIS:-)

Alice’s appearance is the same as in the film, this changed with the other works.

Alice in Wonderland. Dell Comics 1955

http://weirdocorner.blogspot.co.uk/sear ... Wonderland

The website points out that Figaro from Pinocchio has replaced Dina

The Mad Tea Party being very different! It is well known that when the scene was filmed for the artists to base their drawing one, Ed Wynn (voicing the Mad Hatter), ignored the script and carried out a series improvisations, which were better than the that scripted. This lead to them used instead of the script. I suspect this is what the scene was originally meant to be.

Based on the above, the comic appears to have been written using pre-production material, such as Dina not being designed yet, and the Mad Tea Party script being altered. This is despite it being dated 1955.

Alice’s dress differs from the film version by having a pointed white collar instead of the blue “peter pan” collar of the film
Fun note – it ends with Alice asking her sister “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” DIS:-)

Unbirthday Party with Alice in Wonderland. Dell Comics 1951

I found this on two sites, both having the same scan.

http://www.nonsenselit.org/comics/walt- ... ith-alice/

http://still-she-haunts-me-phantomwise. ... hday-party

The story is based around a series of children’s puzzles and activities.

Although the biggest puzzle is “Why has a Victorian child got her own (named) 1950’s American mail box?” *

Humpty Dumpty from Through the Looking Glass, who does not appear in the film also appears.
The White Rabbit’s “Ace of Hearts” tabard colours are reversed. DIS:-S

Alice’s dress has the white collar mentioned above, and the pinafore apron now has back straps. It resembles the Disney parks “face character” costume:
http://www.charactercentral.net/C121_Di ... Alice.aspx
* Possible answer - It was sent from Disney to hold her fan mail? DIS:-)

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