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Alice in Wonderland and progressive rock

Postby SakuraInWonderland » Sat Jul 11, 2020 12:36 am

Hello everyone. It has been years since I last posted on this website.

Is anybody here a progressive rock fan as well as an Alice fan? It's just I seemed to notice an affinity that the progressive rock genre seems to have towards Alice in Wonderland.

You know, like Pink Floyd did a song called "Country Song" which references Alice characters and the well-known legend that The Wall (minus "Comfortably Numb") syncs up with Disney's 1951 cartoon film.

There's also the fact that the label Genesis were signed to (Charisma Records) had colorized montages of 3 Alice's Advenutres In Wonderland characters as their logo.

Also, Renaissance vocalist Annie Haslam titled her first solo album Annie in Wonderland.

There's a book I have on the genre called "Mountains Come Out Of The Sky" (named after a lyric in the Yes song "Roundabout") that lists the two Alice books in the bibliography section.

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