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Why me? A Hatter x Alice fic... Updated finally!

Postby Angel-wings » Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:19 pm

Ok so this is my fan fic based on the film by Tim Burton. Hope you like it.
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Postby Angel-wings » Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:37 pm

Alice couldn't believe she'd found her way back to wonderland after the long seven year absense. Finishing her time as an apprentice for her late fathers company had given her the standing needed to take the company to China as she had hoped. Now it was even bigger. However something was missing and she knew what it was. It was one thing to be a major player company but another to be a single woman. The natural yearning for affection from the opposite sex finally took hold of her girlish heart and wouldn't rest.

There was also a longing to escape the confines of her now adult life and return to the sweet simplicity of girlhood. Though seven years isn't necessarily a long time in the grand scheme of things to a young person just coming into adulthood it is as good as eternity in the minds eye. So down once again she went into the rabbit hole.

Remembering the drink, key and cake she got through to the garden quick enough.

She was glad to see the white rabbit as he came to greet her...

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Postby Angel-wings » Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:16 am

"well if it isn't the wrong Alice" the white rabbit said with an affectionate smile "what are you doing back here?"

"hello McTwisp!"

"oh you remember" McTwisp clapped happily, "the Hatter will be so pleased!"

"Hatter?" Alice looked around.

"After you left saying you'd be back he decided to have tea...of course that means he is still having tea. The Hare and Doormouse are also there of course.

"Oh but I thought he'd be with the white Queen" Alice started to walk along beside McTwisp as he led her toward the dark woods she'd found herself in last time she'd visited.

"chez" McTwisp called "I need you"

"Ah what a toil it is to be the only one with decent evaporating skills. One is obliged to assist ones friends at any given moment" chez's round face appeared in the tree above them.

"yes you evaporated alright! Evaporated Hatters memory so he forgot our Alice completely!" McTwisp snapped.

"with all the best intentions. We did so hope He'd become his goodnatired self again. Ah my dear Alice you have no idea how utterly disheartened Hatter became when you didn't come back soon enough for him. He went off his tea but wouldn't leave the table"

"It got into the minds of hare and Chez to try erasing you and then returning the memories upon your return. When the white queen found out she wasn't pleased." McTwisp sighed " we shall see if you can unevaporate now Chez"

"do not belittle my reapperation abilities. Let's go"

Alice was terribly upset by the thought of Hatter having any part erased, the fact that it was her that was now apparently evaporated upset her even more. The curious side of her wondered how it had been accomplished. Visions of chez putting a paw in Hatters ear flew through her mind and made her shudder.

Before she could ask they were there.

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Postby Angel-wings » Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:21 am

Hatters head snapped up and of course he grinned when he saw visitors.

"Alice!" Hair's ears pricked up and tea spilt. Promtly fixing it up he made more mess in the process, which he then had to rectify.

"about time" Doormouse yawned and streched.

It was then Alice realized she was still the same size as doormouse!

"oh did you invite our new guest?" Hatter enquired "excellent surprise I must say. Is it my birthday or something?"

"it's your unbirthday" Mctwisp said quickly.

"oh I just love unbirthdays!" Hatter clapped, "McTwisp it's great to see you and Chez youre late again!"

"aye! You're all late for tea!" Hare exclaimed, throwing three cups.

"we haven't been properly introduced..." Hatter rose from his chair and shook Alices hand very enthusiastically.

"A-a-a-l-l-l-I-i-i-s" Alice managed to get out despite her whole body being jerked by Hatters handshake.

"Im pleased to meet you Alice. I'm sure I know that name. I couldn't because I'd remember such a lovely face, but it's a fine name, a great name, a fantastcally fantastic name..."

"hatter!" Doormouse interrupted as Hatters voice rose and speech quickened.

"'m fine." Hatter trailed off.

"now the reason we're here Hatter is because you do know this young lady" McTwisp explained "it isn't the first time you've met."

"oh? Well I do beg your pardon for not recalling...I must be going mad..." Hatter slowly slumped into a chair, "have I gone mad?"

"aye" Hare answered and giggled his crazed giggle.

"but all the best people are" hatter recovered his good spirits.

Alice was comforted by this.

"now do stay still won't you" Chez appeared before Hatter.

"what must I stay still for Chez?" Hatter sipped on his tea.

"Youll find out soon enough" Mctwisp sat down

"don't you dare touch him" Doormouse got between them.

"do you want him to remember or not?" Chez retorted and Doormouse backed off.

"er" Hatters eyes widened as Chez's tongue went in one ear and out the other.

The toungue rolled back into Chez's mouth and Hatter sat frozen for a few moments.

"Hatter?" Doormouse timidly took a step towards him.

Hatters head immediately hit the table.

"Hatter!" Alice lifted his head up to find he was out cold.

"move away... He always wakes in a bad mood" Doormouse advised but Hatters eyes fluttered open too quickly for Alice to take the advice. All were tense as he looked at the person holding his head up.

"why are you always too small, or too tall... And always late" Hatter murmured upon seeing Alice.

"Thankyou,Thankyou very much" Chez did a bow and disappeared.

Hatter let Alice hug him and sighed happily.

"told you I'd be back" Alice smiled moving away a little.

"So you did but you took ever so long in doing so!" Hatter pulled out the chair next to him for Alice,"I was obliged once again to take tea."

"why didn't you work for the white queen?" Alice enquired.

"she offered but we decided it best to wait until all was back to normal" Doormouse took three cups and poured tea for the newcomers. As she was filled in about the latest happenings Alice thought Hatter seemed differant somehow but she couldn't put her finger on it.

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Postby Angel-wings » Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:10 pm

*authors note: I'd love feedback so please post comments...*

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Postby aliceaficionado » Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:44 pm

Usually I HATE this sort of thing, but your light, casual, writing and your intriguing characters and plot really make it fun to read!

Can't wait for the next installment! Great job, Angel-wings! DIS:-) AIW:-) DIS:-)

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Postby Angel-wings » Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:17 am

"Hatter...Why are your hands white?" Alice suddenly realized what was differant about the Hatter.

"Oh!" Hatter stared at his hands horrified "that's not how they were..."

As they watched the color started to drain from his gloves, arms, shoulders, neck, chest, torso, legs, feet, face and even his hair. His hat was the last to lose it's color and he tried to prevent it by whacking it off his head then kneeling next to it when the color still continued to fade.

"no no,no,no! Not the hat! I spent days on the hat!" He cried absolutely horrified.

"what's happened?" Chez appeared at the perfect time for Hatter to round on him.

"yeh evaporated my colors yeh good fer nothin, flea bitten, useless..." Hatter yelled in a thick Scottish accent until the cry of "hatter!" snapped him out of it.

"Chez fix it" Doormouse pointed a minuture sword at Chez.

"No!" Hatter glared at Chez "that worthess pile of worm sputum is not comin near me...or my hat...I'll kill him!"

"eat this quickly" Mctwisp handed Alice some cake.

Alice felt the familiar sensation of rapid growth and moved to stop Hatter, who was trying with all his might to get Chez, who kept on vanishing and then reappearing close by.

"Hatter!" she grabbed his face in both hands.

"Oh...He started it" Hatter pouted "Where did they go? Me without color is like the white queen without her crown! I don't feel right Alice. I'm rather attached to my colors you know"

"it'll be alright Hatter. I'm sure if we go to the white queen she'll know what to do"

"of course. You're absolutely right! Oh and you're proper Alice size that's splendid!" Hatter grinned.

Alice didn't like it as much in black and white.

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Postby Angel-wings » Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:04 pm

It was a long journey to the white queens castle but it turned out the trip would take even longer.

"I'm afraid I have only one solution. You must go to the outlands and find my sister. She wears a ring that will glow when a certain rock is near. Find that rock, crush it and mix with Lilly juice. Drink and your colors will return. It wasn't Chez that took your colors Hatter. You are unwell." the White Queen murmured softly.

"what is the matter with me?" Hatter looked imploringly at the white queen.

"I cannot say" was the mysterious answer.

"how far to the outlands?" Alice enquired curiously.

"as long as it decides to be" Hatter explained "i'm sure it'll be a good long adventure seeing as I upset Time"

He finished with a giggle that stopped abruptly.

His face fell and only a sympathetic touch from the White Queen cheered him.

"all will be well"

"'ll be lonely's no fun with just ourselves...myself...oh dear"

"I'll go" Doormouse volunteered

"aye! No more tea table!" Hare exclaimed then realised he still had a tea cup, "Cup...empty...fill cup! Cup fill! Fill cup!"

With that he went in search of tea.

Hatter smiled, delighted to have company for the trip.

"Alice?" he turned to look hopefully at Alice, "I need new company and you did come back and you simply must tell me what's been going on in your absense"

"I don't know Hatter..." Alice bit her lip. She wasn't sure whether she could stand another wonderland adventure.

"Lassie t'wont be the same without yeh" Hatter pleaded, his Scottish accent strong again, "yeh only just got back and after so long..."

He looked like he was going to cry.

"alright" Alice caved in at once...

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Postby Angel-wings » Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:39 pm

McTwisp acted as guide between the comings and goings of Chez as they embarked on their quest. Through what seemed like an neverending forrest they walked until Hatter noticed Alices feet.

"Stop everything!" he suddenly held up his hands and sat Alice down on a rock.

"this won't do. Look at these silly little hurty shoes. I'm against letting anyone expeditionising in such things as these. Oh dear look you're all blistered already!"

"it's nothing Hatter" Alice argued but Hatter was already studying them. In seconds he'd pulled out various items from his person and used them to change the shoes completely.

"why is it you always hurt yourself love" Chez appeared beside the hurt foot "I'll purify it for you if hatter doesn't mind?"

"I owe you an apology and a thankyou my friend" Hatter sighed turning to Chez "I was a fuzzlebuzzard and it was not justified aftrall"

"we weren't to know. I even doubted my skills, which is popostrous really" Chez grinned and lapped at Alice's feet, making her laugh.

"I'm ticklish! Stop it!"

"you know that's the first time i've heard you laugh" Hatter murmured "if it took me getting ill to hear that laugh then I'm glad of it...owch!"

Hatters hand flew to his chest.

"what was that?" he gasped afterwards.

"what did the white queen say was wrong?" Chez enquired.

"she said part of me was missing and that was all she would tell." Hatter went to sewing vigorously and then tried the shoes on Alices feet.

"ah now those are walking shoes" hare nodded "but there's no butter in them!"

"I know but they will do. I quite like them" Hatter studied them critcally "I'm sorry there was no butter to finish them off Alice"

"that's ok Hatter" Alice tried not the smile.

"Tarrant" Hatter corrected "After all we're freinds aren't we?"

"yes of course we are" Alice said fondly, "you're my best friend here"

"wow I've never been a best friend... What are best friend obligations?"

"you just be you"

"but I'm not myself you see...does that mean..."

"not at all" Alice got up and they headed off again...


Postby Guest » Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:48 am

Wow cool story... I'm trying to work out how they're going to get the Red Queen to help...

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Postby Angel-wings » Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:18 am

"what are you thinking about?" March Hare bounded over to Alice as they walked.

"how much I miss the old Hatter" Alice sighed, watching Hatter chatting anamatedly to Chez, his hands and body enhancing whatever it was he was discussing.

"aye he's getting worse...I know! Colouring in pencils!" Hare then went on a quest for exactly that "treacle and colored pencils!" he cried excitedly as he disappeared.

Alice chuckled to herself and then heard Hatters giggle, which made her laugh harder.

"I do love that's so...what's a good laughy word?" Hatter grinned, talking now to doormouse.

"I hate it" Doormouse sulked

"how about travelling by hat Malli?" Hatter suggested

"no thanks"

"aw come now you're not all upset when things are just starting to go good again are you? Though I must confess I object to seeing bloody big head again..."

"Oh no!" Alice heard March Hare cry out.

"what was that?" Hatters whole body turned as he looked left and right.

"it's the Hare" Alice ran in the direction of Hares voice...

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Postby aliceaficionado » Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:11 pm

More! MORE!!!! You can't leave it THERE!!!!!! :p

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Postby Angel-wings » Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:32 pm

They found stein, the nave of hearts, struggling to hold Hare from his horse.

With a low growl he took in Hatter and Alice with utter contempt.

"you...what are you doing back?"

"helping Hatter.." Alice gestured to her friend who stood with a grin of pure malice.

"do yeh want to go again? If I recall correctly I was just about to kill yeh" Hatter approached the nave.

"what happened to you?" curiousity got the better of Stein.

"that's what we want your friend to answer" Doormouse banished a small sword heroically.

"now perhaps it's best for all concerned to play nice" hatter gained control of himself "yes?"

"she's not my friend, you have no idea what you caused me to be subjected to!" Stein fired at doormouse before taking a deep breath, "as for what you said Hatter... Why is it best to play nice? Hm?"

Hare took the opportunity to bite nave on the hand.

"freedom!!!!!!!!" He cried, bounding about.

"For now" Stein sucked on his bleeding hand.

"let me see that" Alice took the injured hand and then looked for Chez in the tree. Not seeing him she bound the hand while keeping an eye on Stein in case he decided to hurt her.

"why on earth are you doing that for?" Stein was confused.

"we need to see the Red Queen and quickly. You
know the way... Besides, the fighting is over between us all isn't it?"

"I suppose it is but I still resent the state in which I was left"

"well we can improve that you see" Hatter interrupted "Playing nice would put you in a position in which you could position the person you were unfortunately positioned with to recieve a potential remedy for that which caused her to be in a position where she is unable to be herself. In this position she did very unspeakably nasty things that now has you both in the position where you now find yourselves which I'm sure you'd would love to unposition yourselves if not make more bearable. Having these facts it would then make sense that you would also then want to position those who are in a position to help this negative state and restore good health to Big Head in a position which allows them to do so? As for our position in the matter, you have noted my lack of colorage and this we conclude to be of great disvalue to me and my peers so we are positioned in this position, questing to find the position of a treatment which happens to be in the very position, in fact on the person, of your unwilling companion. Therefore, in conclusion, is it not to benifits of both parties that we position our thinking in the same position and work together to position ourselves where we need to be in order to bring our unfortunate positions into a positive state?" Hatter offered before knitting his eyebrows, then nodding after concluding his point had been made, "yes that right"

Stein just stared at him blankly.

"what Hatter means to say is, we'll help the Red Queen with the growth that has caused her head and temper to swell. In return she can give us what we need to fix Hatter" Alice grinned

"I see... What's in it for me then?" Stein looked thoughtful.

"Big Head will be bareable to be around"

"right... Well we shall see. Anything is better than the way things are now so I shall co opperate for the time being" Stein sighed.

So it came to pass an unlikely alliance was formed.



Postby tinagirl259 » Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:41 pm

Please keep writing I am really enjoying the plot!

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Postby aliceaficionado » Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:05 pm

So am I! So am I! MORE!!!!! I am craving your writing!!!!!

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