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Mad As A Hatter

Postby Welcome2Madness » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:22 pm

It's Out of my hands, this is out of control

Spinning and grinning down the white rabbits hole.

Gripping for earth, gasping for air,

Crying for joy, Laughing all the way there.

Now at the bottom of this bottomless pit,

The light is so dark, and the darkness is lit.

I whisper for help but get no reply.

I scream in the silence with no reason why.

In the distance a sign seems to answer my call

It reads, "Welcome to Madness, Population Us ALL."

Its bright neon lights seem to taunt out its claim,

That we all end up here, and no one is sane.

I spot the white rabbit and this calms me down,

Maybe this creature can show me around.

I called out, "Hey rabbit, some help would be great?"

He said, "I haven't the time and I'm already late."

"I don't know where I'm at!", I cried in frustration.

He looked at me puzzled and without hesistation,

Said, "The others were right," as he smiled ear to ear,

"If you've forgotten your place you're the maddest one here!"

He laughed as he left finding this quite amusing.

I wondered if I had a mind left for losing.

I walked towards nothing, it was all that was there,

Then hit my leg on a table that appeared from thin air.

This table was wide, I could not see it's end,

Then a voice from behind said, "Welcome back friend!"

I turned around startled three times out of habit,

To what must be a hare, it's too large for a rabbit.

"You forgot?", the hare asked while tipping his cup,

"You must have went sane, I'll fix you right up."

He pulled himself from a hat Which he then gave to me,

And said, "I've wondered where the head for this hat must be."

I put on the large tophat, suprised that it fits.

A card on the band read, "In this style 10/6".

Suddenly all that was not became clear,

Any thoughts of my home would bring me back here.

I sat at the table, relieved to be free,

And said, "Thank you my friend, now let's have some tea!"

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