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Alice-in-wonderland 1869 print book with illustrations

Postby Tamson » Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:16 pm


I have been having a sort out of a late relatives things and I have found a 1969 London printed Red hardback book

Would anybody be interested in buying this, or could anyone point me in a direction of a good place to sell it..

please email me for more information and pictures

[email protected]
AIW Smile


Postby Guest » Sun Aug 12, 2012 4:55 pm

If a London 1869 ed. then it must be published by Macmillan & Co.
I presume it has gold medallions on the front and back covers (Alice holding the pig frt. Cheshire Cat verso) and is triple ruled on the borders of the cover.

This is a early, but not 1st ed. The value is based mostly on condition.. Please refer to the ABAA guidelines for book cond.

Alice books have taken a downward turn since the glut of copies on eBay, but if in V. GOOD cond. You might get around $200. Nr. FINE or FINE, $250.-$400.
Also, don't use eBay items for sale for an accurate price/value...use eBay "completed listings" to see what the book(s) actually SOLD for...
I Have seen ridiculous prices asked on eBay for books not worth more than a few dollars...most people selling on eBay are idiots.
If it were the American version, it would have been a 1st. Am. ed. and worth more. (Lee &v Shepard Boston 1869)

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