12 Medium Plantable Teapot Seed Shapes in a Bag

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Set of 12 paper teapots that grow wildflowers or herbs if you plant them!


The paper these shapes are made from card stock like heavy paper which is embedded with wildflower seeds.

3 inches wide and 2 inches tall.

Great for those DIY Party Favor projects, card making or even for children’s tea party crafts. Some colors of paper we have grow herbs and some grow wildflowers.

Please contact the seller (E-Mail: [email protected]) if you have a color preference. If you do not let us know, the appropriate color will be sent or an assorted pretty mix. Available colors are: Sage Green (herb mix); Sage Green in Wildflowers. Also in Wildflowers are Yellow, Evergreen, Pink and the Blue family is Powder, Medium Blue, Royal, Navy Blue. Cranberry Red (like Christmas), Latte Brown, Lime Green, Lavender, Purple, White, Orange, Burgundy. In Basil the colors are Magenta, Emerald Green, Camel, Lime Green, Rocket Red.
12 Medium Plantable Teapots that Grow Wildflowers! Your tea party guests will love to get something they can use!
Size: 3″ wide by 2″ tall. The seeds are embedded in the paper and these are sold in bulk in a bag.
Please contact the seller @ E-Mail: [email protected] or call us with your color choice if you have a preference. If you do not, we’ll send assorted colors.
Use these as a tea party activity for the kids or make your own party favors with these or use them with your card making!
One handy planting instruction card is included so you can use those instructions as you make your cards!

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