Berkeley Alice in Wonderland Ornamental Chess Set

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Alice in Wonderland themed chess set, made from resin. The red and cream pieces represent main characters from the Alice in Wonderland story. Chess board not included.


A charming Alice in Wonderland themed Chess Set made from resin and stained cream and red. The pieces are expertly crafted and all feature impressive levels of detail, with all the main characters from the much-loved book well represented.

This set of Chess pieces is manufactured in Britain by Berkeley Chess and they have done a wonderful job in bringing Lewis Carroll’s characters to life in the following way:

  • The King: The White King
  • The Queen: Alice
  • The Bishop: The Mad Hatter
  • The Knight: The White Knight
  • The Rook: Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
  • The Pawn: White Rabbit

These Chess pieces are brought to life by careful development of a silicon mould and a unique staining and polishing technique which emphasises the fine detail of the original figures. Each piece is then finished off with the application of a protective felt base. There is a nice weight to all the pieces and they are a good size for play; the King height is approximately 3.5 inches.

Please note that a Chess board is not included.
We would recommend a 50cm x 50cm chess board with 50mm x 50mm square size for the Alice in Wonderland set.

Approx. dimensions: King height: 3.5 inches. King diameter: 1.3 inches

Made in Britain

Product Ref.: 00K564

Alice in Wonderland themed Chess pieces
Made from resin and stained cream and red
Excellent craftsmanship and exceptional detailing

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