Boy’s Dapper Tweedle Dee/Dum Costume

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Tweedledum/Tweedledee costume for children. Includes a bright yellow shirt with a white collar, a pair of red pants with connected suspenders, and a matching hat with a yellow flag on the top. Does not include the bow tie.


ON THE HUNT FOR A TWIN Everyone knows that we all have an evil twin, right? We’re pretty sure that’s just common knowledge, by this point, but you never want to assume anything. (That’s what our evil twins do, after all!) Now, some folks are already born as a set of twins, so they’re already likely in the midst of debates about which is the evil one. Of course, that opens up the question of whether or not a known set of twins is the whole set or if there is a whole additional set of evil twins, too! It’s pretty scary when you really think about it. But, we’ve got a great test to help figure it out that was all inspired by Alice’s classic adventure Through the Looking Glass. The Tweedle-Twins were both pretty easy going folks that tended to agree with each other about everything… even agreeing on when and how they wanted to fight! So, here’s the test: all you need to do is dress up in exactly identical clothes and if you both think the other looks great, neither is the evil one!  DESIGN & DETAILS Now, if you need some help identifying your kiddo’s good-or-evil status, we’re happy to supply this Dapper Tweedle costume for all their Dee and Dum needs. This is a Made by Us exclusive that was dreamed up by our in-house design team that includes a fair mix of both types of twins. They all put aside their differences when it comes to crafting awesome feeling and amazing looking looks! This one includes a bright yellow shirt with a white collar, a pair of red pants with connected suspenders, and a matching hat with a yellow flag on the top! Finish the look off with a bright blue bowtie and your kid’ll look wonderful.  TWIN TIME! Whether your tyke already has a twin or is still on the hunt, a costume like one of the Tweedles is certain to help them unite with another! (Of course, if both yours and the new twin end up being evil, we recommend extra doses of candy just to keep things from going mad!)  – Shirt – Pant
Size: Small
100% polyester costume
Shirt is a pullover with 2 buttons by the collar
Blue bow is attached
Pants have functional button and zipper closures

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