Cheshire Cat – Faux Fur Blue and Grey – Ears, Tail, Wrist Cuffs, Boot Covers

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Furry blue/gray Cheshire Cat leg warmers, writs warmers, ears, and/or tail. Buy them individually or as a set.


You can choose the items and sizes you want upon checkout. The ears are made of fleece and faux fur. Each ear is built on a base that contains some loops. These loops are used to secure the ears on the head using : a headband (included) or hair pins (not included). Each ear is about 3″ wide and 3″ high (plus fur).

The tail is made of faux fur and slightly stuffed. It is all soft and fluffy! It comes with a loop the allows you to attach it on your belt or with whatever you want it: a carabiner clip, a cloth pin, etc.

The boot covers and wrist cuffs have an elastic around the top for a secure hold. It stretches comfortably about 2 inches. No lining. We recommend using the boot covers with a long sock or tights underneath. The wrist cuffs can be used on top of a long sleeve shirt.

You choose the size of the set upon checkout:
Kids: 5-8 yrs old, 15″ tail, 11″ long and 13″ circumference boot covers, 3.5″ wide wrist cuffs

Small (or big kids): 20″ tail, 13″ long and 15″ circumference leg warmers, 4″ wide wrist cuffs
Medium: 25″ tail, 15″ long and 18″ circumference leg warmers, 4.5″ wide wrist cuffs
Large: 30″ tail, 18″ long and 21″ circumference leg warmers, 5″ wide wrist cuffs
The length of the wrist cuffs is around as the same as the width.
* The ears are the same size for all sets. Tail shown in the pictures is 20″ long on a 5’6″ model.

You can order just ears and tail, or wrist cuffs or leg warmers, searching by:
bianna creations cheshire set
bianna creations cheshire wrist cuffs
bianna creations cheshire leg warmers

100% Handmade with love in USA at smoke free place.
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