Child Small (6)

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Size: Small (6)
Child Deluxe Alice
90% polyester 10% cotton dress 80% polyester 20% cotton apron


When your little one has her sights set on holding a tea party we’re sure there’s one special character that she’d adore dressing up as. Alice from Alice in Wonderland, of course! That’s why we made and designed this costume, and we’re proud to offer it as a Fun Costumes exclusive. Designed to be a perfect replica of what an Alice costume ought to look like, we put extra attention into the details to get the style just right.
Size: Small (6)
PRODUCT INCLUDES: This Girl’s Alice in Wonderland Costume comes with a blue dress, a white apron, and a hair ribbon.
FROM THE FUN COMPANY: We’re one of the world’s top retailers of costumes and we just love the classics. We’re proud to offer this Girl’s Alice Dress, a Made by Us design developed in our own costume design studios.
AUTHENTIC DETAILS: Alice has been depicted in a puffed sleeve dress and pinafore dating back to the illustrations in the original novel, and this Alice Costume is a great example of the iconic style. The puffy sleeves and accents featured on our dress is accurate styling that’s truly timeless.
QUALITY THAT MATTERS: As one of the web’s top designers of costumes, we use quality construction and durable materials to ensure our customers get the most out of each and every costume. This Alice costume is sure to exceed your expectations!

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