Disney Alice In Wonderland Adult Fleece Lined Bootie House Slipper Curioser & Curioser

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Soft, comfortable house boots with Alice in Wonderland decoration on the front


Story time on your feet!
The classic Lewis Carrol “Alice in Wonderland”, using Disney’s charming illustrations, adorns these booties. Snuggle up by the fire for more adventures in Wonderland

Keep Alice around for company
These snuggly boots tell a story in gentle decorative Victorian style. And they wrap around sweet warmth for cushy comfort on cold floors

Wondrous comfort against curious cold
Did we mention comfort? Imagine these charming booties brightening your morning as they peek out from your closet, from underneath your robe or pajamas, or snuggling into them in the evening after a long day. And not at all curioser and curioser, you’ll enjoy them more and more the chillier it gets.
PLAYFUL PRACTICALITY: Who’s not a fan of this charming tale? With little Alice peeking out from the front, surrounded by elements from the story, and embellished with her exclamation “Curiouser and curiouser!” on the heel, these will make you smile. And they’re built with long-lasting man-made materials for easy care and plenty of wearing enjoyment
LIGHT WEIGHT LUXURY: Coddle your feet and the rest of you will thank you. Even with solid materials and fluffy fleece lining, these stay light on your feet. Since they’re snug booties, they won’t flop about, either
GENTEEL VICTORIAN COMFORT: You’ll want to wear these to work, to play, to your kid’s Scout troop meeting. You’ll waltz all through the house swathed in cold-weather protection
EASY ON AND OFF: No matter how fuzzy you are when first waking up, you won’t stumble or fumble to get these on. Keep ’em by the bed and just step right in. Ahhhhh
ADVENTURES IN WARMTH: With fleece lining, velvety exterior and cushiony insoles, your own personal Wonderland of comfort will wrap around your feet for many relaxing evenings to come!

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