Disney Alice in Wonderland Pop Up Birthday Card

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Alice in Wonderland birthday card. With built-in base for display purpose. With the words "Happy Birthday. Hope your day is full of happiness".


Show some little girl how much you care by giving her this fun fantasy greeting card starring wonderful Alice. She appears here with the Cheshire Cat and a beautiful cupcake with candle to wish someone a Happy Birthday. On her dress are the words, “Hope your day is full of happiness” that comes to life as a beautiful honey comb dress when it pops open 180 degrees. Mini message card comes with it for personalization to further express your true love and lavender envelope for mailing. This adorable greeting card is available only from Miss Girlie Girl Premium Greeting Cards and Gift.
The beauty and intricate design of this card makes it a special greeting that can be displayed and enjoyed.
Pops up with built-in base for display purpose.
Truly collectible Disney Alice in Wonderland 3D Pop Up decorative birthday greeting card.
Mini message card is included. Words: Happy Birthday. Hope your day is full of happiness.
Quantity: 1 item. Envelope: Light Purple. Material: Paper. Handmade. ┬ęDisney Product of Japan.

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