Disney ALICE in Wreath Of Wonderland 3D Lenticular Greeting Card / Christmas 3D Postcard

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"Merry Christmas" greeting card in Alice in Wonderland theme, with 3-dimensional lenticular image effect.

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These enchanting, exclusive, breathtaking 3D greeting cards with emphasis on design and creativity that you can’t find in any retail store are licenced by Disney and created by skilled artist using new advance and sophisticated technology never seen before in the USA. Some of your all time favorite Disney Charecters are ready to delight you with heart-warming memories and beauty.
This 3-dimensional lenticular images are created using over 100 photographs of an object, each at a slightly different angle. After individual images are woven together the image is printed as an interlaced graphic image. The final output is then matched and laminated with a special high-resolution lenticular lens that creates 3D.
These unique and so irresistible 3D greeting cards are truly a great gift and fine collectible which are meant to be displayed and treasured for years to come. 3D cards can be personalized on the back of them with your own personal message. The person who receives these greeting cards, will think of you everytime they see the card or show it to someone. These 3D cards are sure to leave a lasting impression. More than a greeting card, it is a startling little realistic and life like world.Each card includes an envelope.
New Generation Of 3-Dimensional Technology
No Computer Graphics But Real Objects
You Will Feel Card Come Alive! More Realistic and Life Like Images
The 3D card Will Make You Feel Excited Just Like Being at An Amusement Park
Quantity: 1 item. Envelope: White. Material: Plastic. made in Japan. ©Disney

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