EmazingLights Heart Glasses

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These heart shaped glasses bring you to Wonderland: the lenses produce a prism that results in a glorious, full rainbow effect!


The Love Lens Diffraction Glasses will have you feeling cute all night. Put these on and it’s like you’re in another world!
TRIPPY VISIONS: Trip out with our premium diffraction glasses. Our rave wayfarers have the clearest diffraction lenses available.
PRISM VISION: These lenses act like a prism, separating light into all the colors of the rainbow, allowing you to see the world in a whole new light.
MAXIMUM DIFFRACTION: Created through a laser etching process, the lenses produce a prism that results in a glorious, full rainbow effect from edge to edge of the frame.
HEART EYES: Wayfarer frames are perfect for just about everyone! Standard size for a universal fit that fits most.
PERFECT FOR: Raves, music festivals, holiday lights, campfires, concerts, lasers, Halloween, light shows from LED gloves or enhancing any light performance!

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