Pink Inc. RP1 Flamingo, Rainbow Colors, Pack of 6

$ 57.35 (as of 15 April 2019, 8:34 am)

With these six flamingos in different colors, you'll have enough for a croquet party!


New color flamingos. . . 18 new exciting colors to enhance your flamingo style whether it is patriotic, special event, your favorite team colors, tailgaiting, colorful party or just decorating your yard, these color flamingo are sure to keep you wanting them all. All color flamingos consist of one long neck flamingo and one short neck flamingo and stand 33-Inch tall. They are made of hdpe with an extra dose of uv protection. In a fowl mood? pink inc. Can help.
All flamingos stand 33-Inch tall
Made In USA
Manufactured with UV protection
Your choice of 18 new Colors
Patriotic or support your favorite sports team

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