Princess Paradise Womens Mad Haddie Costume

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Women's Mad Hatter costume. Cropped taffeta jacket with attached necktie, and layered ruffles over the left hip. The patterned skirt has an elastic back waistband and built-in tulle petticoat.


Who doesn’t love a good tea party? There’s all the delicious tea, fantastic little treats to munch on, and all the wonderful conversations you can have with friends. When it comes to the best place to attend a tea party, there’s nowhere better than Wonderland…

And when it comes to being the best host in Wonderland, nobody throws a never-ending tea party like the Mad hatter does. Oh we know what your thinking, “Well which one of the hatters is the best out of all of them? They all seem strange enough to make us want to hang out with them and drink tea for all eternity.” Of course you would think that! Wait… You didn’t know there were more than one of those lovable individuals? Of course there is! Do you really think Alice was able to meet every single character in only a few visits? There’s the one that Alice hangs out with all the time, and then there’s Mad Haddie. She’s the one who makes much better tea and biscuits. Sometimes, if you think really hard and stay focused, she even makes enough sense for you to follow along, or at least we’re pretty sure she did. Madness is a difficult thing to understand most of the time.

Do you think you can live up to the wonderful poise, tea-making, and all-around hosting that comes with being the Mad Haddie? All you have to do is get in an argument with time and you’ll be set to go! Sounds easy enough, right?

Women’s Mad Haddie Costume
100% polyester satin, taffeta & machine lace; 100% polyurethane foam
Cropped taffeta jacket fastens w/ Velcro tabs behind decorative buttons
Jacket has attached necktie, layered ruffles over left hip
Patterned satin skirt has elastic back waistband, built-in tulle petticoat

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