Room Mates Mushrooms Chalkboard Peel and Stick Wall Decal

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You can place these five mushroom decals of varying sizes on any flat surface. Write the words 'eat me' or 'who are you?' on them with chalk. You can just wipe them clean when the party is over.


CHK0008MS Features: -Wall decal.-Just peel and stick.-Chalkboard wall decals are springing up everywhere.-Contains several mushrooms of varying sizes.-Easy to place and reposition over and over again on any flat surface.-Just wipe clean when you want a new design.-Number of wall decals: 6. Color/Finish: -Write on them with chalk, decorate them with different colors.
One set of 6 Mushroom Chalkboard wall accents.
Sticks equally well to textured walls, furniture, cars and trucks.
Genuine licensed merchandise.
ust peel and stick – guaranteed! Washable, removable and re-usable!

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