Women’s Plus Size Delightful Mad Hatter Costume

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Plus size Mad Hatter costume for women. With deep purple striped skirt, layered under a teal jacket with gold accents. Lavender checked bodice and matching bow-tie. Black top hat with a clock decal on the front. Size: 5X


You’ve been cordially invited to a fashion show in Wonderland! Now you have to figure out what you’re going to wear before time runs out! Congratulations, it is quite an honor to be on the guest list for a fashion show in one of the most enchanted lands ever discovered. As you might of guessed, all the most famous Wonderland residents will be there. That’s right, Alice will be there, probably dressed in a beautiful blue cocktail dress, and the White Rabbit will most definitely be in the front row showing off a spectacular new gold watch. Now we just need to find you the perfect ensemble to wear so you impress all the famous characters you grew up hearing about, and most importantly, you need to clench a spot on the guest list every year. Lucky for you, we know just the outfit that will skyrocket you to becoming the #1 fashionista in all of Wonderland! This delightful hatter costume will give you a feminine version of Mad Hatter’s typical garb. You’ll look fetching in a belted overcoat with dashing large lapels and checkered trim. The lavender mini dress that is worn underneath the jacket and also features a similar checkered pattern and vertical stripes. You’ll love topping the look off with a large bow tie choker necklace and the matching top hat. Of course, the stylish hat is fashioned with a large clock embellishment. You’ll look so high-fashion that the party planners may just ask you to strut down the catwalk at next year’s show! – Dress – Jacket – Belt – Bow Tie – Hat

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