Dramatis Personae and chessboard

Note: The list of dramatis personae only appeared in early editions of the book. Carroll later removed it, when he replaced his preface in 1896.

(As arranged before commencement of game)


PiecesPawns PawnsPieces
TweedledeeDaisyDaisyHumpty Dumpty
W. Queen‘Lily’Tiger-lilyR. Queen
W. KingFawnRoseR. King
Aged manOysterOysterCrow
W. KnightHattaFrogR. Knight


Starting positions on the chess board

White Pawn (Alice) to play, and win in eleven moves


1. Alice meets R.Q.2111. R.Q. to K.R.’s 4th215
2. Alice through Q.’s 3rd (by railway)2202. W.Q. to Q.B.’s 4th (after shawl)251
to Q.’s 4th (Tweedledum and Tweedledee)232
3. Alice meets W.Q. (with shawl)2513. W.Q. to Q.B.’s 5th (becomes sheep)258
4. Alice to Q.’s 5th (shop, river, shop)2584. W.Q. to K.B.’s 8th (leaves egg on shelf)266
5. Alice to Q.’s 6th (Humpty Dumpty)2675. W.Q. to Q.B.’s 8th (flying from R.Kt.)292
6. Alice to Q.’s 7th (forest)2846. R.Kt. to K.’s 2nd (ch.)299
7. W.Kt. takes R.Kt.3007. W.Kt. to K. B.’s 5th316
8. Alice to Q.’s 8th (coronation)3178. R.Q. to K.’s sq. (examination)320
9. Alice becomes Queen3199. Queens castle329
10. Alice castles (feast)33210. W.Q. to Q.R.’s 6th (soup)332
11. Alice takes R.Q. & wins341


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