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Book: The Chess Player’s Alice

Do you want to know more about the chess game that forms the framework of “Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there”? Then get this booklet, written by Rev. Ivor Davies, who had an interest in both chess and Lewis Carroll.

Reverend Davies’ interest in Lewis Carroll led him to write several articles about the chess game in ‘Through the Looking Glass’. These articles have now been bundled and republished by the Clergy Correspondence Chess Club, which Davies founded, in a book called “The Chess Player’s Alice”.

The Chess Player's Alice cover

It deal with questions like:

  • How can White make thirteen moves to Black’s (Red’s) three?
  • Can White simply ignore a check on his King?
  • What is meat by Queens Castling?
  • Who is the invisible Bishop?

The 24 page booklet addresses these issues posed by Carroll’s chess game, and tries to answer the question whether the game can be reconciled with the rules of chess at all, or whether it is just a nonsens-fantasy of the author.

More info:
Price: £4 (with free postage and packaging – but I assume that doesn’t go for international orders)

To order a copy, email the CCCC Secretary – The Rev’d. Bruce Carlin: [email protected]

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