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Forum closing down permanently

I have decided to close the forum on this website and take it offline permanently.

In preparation of this, the forum had already been closed to new registrations and had a notice on top that it would be going offline in some months.

Hardly anyone is using the forum anymore. Most people are on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. The amount of usage of the forum did no longer validate the time I had to put into maintaining it. You may not see it on the front-end, because I have several spam measures in place, but I had a daily job of removing spammers and their attempted postings. Also, I had to regularly update the forum software to keep everything running and safe. I’m afraid it was no longer worth the effort.

I want to extend a great thank you to the people who have been such loyal users of this forum. In the past I already handed out the title of ‘honorary member’ to several users, and several of you have even lasted until now! I’m looking at you, Treacle, The Queen of Hearts, and Beautiful Soup! And also Cheshire Dodo, Sakura in Wonderland, Mad Hatter II and many more who have visited and contributed regularly. Thank you for making it a nice place.

All the best to you all!

20th Anniversary of this website!

Oh my, can you believe that this website is celebrating its 20 year anniversary this month??

In 1997 I started my studies at university and got access to the internet on the campus. Being already a fan of Disney’s cartoon movie and Lewis Carroll’s books, I searched the web for more information about them. But I only found fragmented info.

I wanted to try my hand at building my own website, so I gave it a shot. In those days, Microsoft Frontpage was all the rage. Google was unknown; we all used Altavista to find webpages and we viewed them in the Netscape browser. My first website was very similar to most of the other personal websites in that time: it had frames, white letters on black backgrounds, animated gifs (burning torches and rainbow colored lines) and a Nedstat counter. 🙂

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Shop temporarily closed

Because of ongoing issues with my webshop, I had to temporarily close it down.

There are some technical issues with the plugins I am using and it was slowing down the site so much, that it became unuseable. So unfortunately I had no other choice than to close it down, until the issues are resolved. I have no idea how long this will take, as I depend on the developers of those plugins.

Thank you for your understanding!

Site slow / unreachable

Lately my site has been very slow and sometimes you’ll even see a ‘503 service unavailable’ error when loading a page.

This is due to a buggy third party plugin I’m using for my webshop. As I cannot just shut it off, it unfortunately means that I’ll have to wait for an update from the creator of the plugin before I can fix it.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.