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Alice in Wonderland project - need media

Postby devoid » Sun May 29, 2005 2:48 pm

Hi everyone,
First of all: I'm new to this forum/website, and I'd like to say it's amazing how you've set up this on-line community for a relatively small subject. The site is really comprehensive and looks very professional.
Now my situation: I'm developing an Alice in Wonderland flash game for a school project where you play a game of croquet with Alice, and my goal is to really incorporate the visual and fantastic aspects of the story. Seeing as I totally suck at drawing I have to rely on existing material that's out there, so I'm looking for any non-copyrighted material on Alice in Wonderland that's NOT from the film (I really don't like how they designed it). Especially if there's a series of consistently designed images I could use that would be really great.

Alright, thanks! AIW:-)

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