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Becoming Alice

Postby JamesCraven » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:57 pm

Has any young woman ever wanted to play Alice in Wonderland other than on the stage? If you're 16 years of age or older, between 4' 8" and 5' 2" (147.3 - 157.5 cm), then you may apply to become a Cast Member at a Disney Resort or even on a Disney Cruise Ship. Besides Alice, those in the general height range also get the chance to play Tinker Bell or Wendy Darling (from Peter Pan) and dress as athmosphere (non-talking) characters. The full information is available at http://www.disneyauditions.com.

Did you also know there's a Alice theme park in England not related to Disney? Adventure Wonderland in Bormouth, England, but is it not known how they choose their Alices and Mad Hatters. The website is http://www.adventurewonderland.co.uk/ for more information.

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