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Lion King??

Postby EzzaAzzaHatter » Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:08 am

When looking at a 'hero' story, every hero shares similarities. The Ancient Greek's even devised a sort of 'check list' for this. The hero somehow had their birthright taken from them. A family member or father figure wronged them somehow. They have to go through 'trials' go prove themselves or go through a right of passage. Then they reclaim their birthright, get back at the person who wronged them, and in many cases, gets the girl. Honestly, you can compare The Lion King and The Looking Glass Wars to MANY stories. I mean a lot. The Greeks saw this centuries ago and it hasn't changed, it's just what we like.

I personally, LOVED the Looking Glass Wars and the sequels to them. Although I was disappointed that my favorite character the Mad Hatter was not crazy, I do love the little maddigan daughter that shows up in the second book. Also, it's a very well put together story that shows how Lewis Carroll really put more thought into his stories than any of us thought he did. It shows the implications that he had with the "Red Queen" or "Queen of Hearts" showing that he really meant her as the Queen of the time who could be so insurable sometimes that she would shout "my way my way my way!" (sound familiar? and I got this from the book All About Alice).

All in all The Looking Glass Wars has one message that was the same with Lewis Carroll's writings, Imagination is the strongest weapon you can have.


The Looking Glass Wars gets an A in my book

Postby PrincessAlyssHeart » Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:16 pm

As you can tell by my name, I'm a big fan of The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy and the Hatter M graphic novel series. It's funny that there are so many similarities to The Lion King. It makes me like the novels even more because growing up Lion King was my favorite movie. Now as a young adult I have a favorite book, Looking Glass Wars similar to my favorite movie as a child to read for pleasure to remind me of my childhood. Oh sweet memories...

Anyone who hasn't read the book, should def. read it and the whole series before knocking it down! :D


Postby 3rdpoliceman » Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:29 pm

I, personally do not have a high opinion of the books. They are annoying, and I get angry at Frank Beddor's smug attitude towards Lewis Carroll's novels. How would he like it if someone rewrote one of his favourite childhood books? Why do people think that they can just just smugly dismiss things that they do not like? It is like those atheists on telly who say that religous people are deluded maniacs who deserve no respect (No offense to any atheists. Some of my best friends are atheists. And religious people can be equally smug, too. I just was giving an example). Instead of critiscising Carroll, why doesn't Beddor make a homage to him and the Alice books instead? And riddle me this: why are all the revisionist versions of stories always written by people who never really liked the originals in the first place?

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