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Searching for a specific set of four Disney AiW plushies

Postby Azure Caterpillar » Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:32 pm

I have been searching for a plush toy of the Disney Caterpillar for a while now; I didn't think they had ever made one... but I've found this.

The Disney Store Studio Collection of 4 Alice in Wonderland plushies... including the Caterpillar! Though I can't really tell how the Caterpillar looks from the photo.

I checked eBay; and I could only find one old auction for it; and no others.

Kaboodle even links to this site; but that may just be kaboodle being weird... I have no idea if this site ever listed it?

This seems insanely rare now; I have no idea when it was even on sale [year wise]. I am utterly obsessed with the Caterpillar, especially the Disney adaptation of him and I would dearly love to have a plush.

If anyone had any information at all on this item please tell me.

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