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burton style alice doll

a tim burton style alice in wonderland bratz doll repaint

Postby burton style alice doll » Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:04 am ... 1555.l2649

One Of A Kind, Bratz doll repaint, based apon Alice from Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland.
This doll has been hand painted by myself, she stated as a chloe bratz doll, all factory paint was removed and her hair was dyed.
She shows feature from the movie such as cut from the bandersnatch, a mole above her mouth, and even regrowth.
the blue dress is a design inspired by many of the dress she wears throughout the movie.Even her little shoes have been customised to resembled the ones from the movie.
Perfect gift, for a doll collector or alice in wonderland fan.
Doll comes with a certificate of authenticity from myself, the artist to certify that this is a genuine hand painted, one of a kind doll.

so im in australia and if anyone out side of australia world wide wants to buy this contact me and ill change my ebay listing to world wide, i just wasnt sure as to postage costs.

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