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Alice in Wonderland Clock

Postby rubyaliceandme » Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:42 am

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A totally unique clock that will bring the magical world of Alice in Wonderland to any room setting. This clock will be a real talking point as it has a backwards dial!

A decorative, classically styled wooden Mantel clock, hand decorated and decoupaged with Alice, the Mad Hatters Tea Party and White Rabbit, Duchess and Pink Flamingo images on the front, sides and top.

The face dial is backwards, although the hands run clockwise and carries the White Rabbit image within an ornate roundel and the top is perfectly finished with a bronze-effect metalwork handle.

The clock is battery operated using one AA battery. (Not Supplied)

Width: 20cm (7.8 inches)
Height: 23cm (9 inches)
Depth: 6cm (2.3 inches)

This is a totally unique clock which I hope you love as much as I have loved making it! Each clock I produce takes four or five days from start to completion so they are a real labour of love. The price, when you consider the amount of hours that go in to it, is, I believe, very realistic.

Our studio is situated just twenty minutes from the Cheshire village of Daresbury - the birthplace of Lewis Carroll and as such, Alice in Wonderland.
It is our long walks around the village and surrounding countryside with Ruby, our pet dachshund, that have rekindled our childhood love of the Alice in Wonderland books and provided us with the passion and inspiration to produce and share products that reflect his magical world of characters. (We're sure that Ruby still thinks she might see a white rabbit on our walks!)
For authenticity, we keep as close as we can to producing items based upon the original John Tenniel illustrations and attempt to create a vintage look in each piece.

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