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Come and step through - the looking glass

Postby Jack91 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:33 pm

Hello Everybody

I hope you're all well. I am hugely excited to be on this wonderful forum. Lenny has very kindly let me post some information on here for you fellow Wonderland lovers as I really need your help. Below is my post in full:

I am writing to you to seek any support and help from like minded enthusiasts of the work of Lewis Carroll. I am currently raising a budget for a new multi – arts theatre production called The Looking Glass based on the Lewis Carroll masterpieces Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. I have applied to various arts funding establishments to raise most of my proposed budget in order to make this production a reality. I am also looking to raise some of my budget through crowdfunding. The Looking Glass will show us the magical and surreal world of the novels in a way never explored on stage before. This production will encompass many different performance disciplines which consist of Acting, Circus Skills, Dancing, Contortion, Gymnastics and Ballet. The Looking Glass is the first production of a new Theatre Production Company called Carnival of Eternal Light Ltd. It is the aim of both the production and the company to provide gateways and opportunities into the arts for artists wanting a career in the performing arts.

I am an Actor, Writer & Theatre Practitioner who has performed many lead roles in numerous theatrical productions. I have also devised, adapted, written and performed my own theatre work. In 2014 my one act play Figmented was published in the eBook publication I Clean for England: 18 One Act Plays for the 21st Century. I am about to begin writing my second full length play. I am hugely inspired by the work which your society creates in honouring the work and memory of Lewis Carroll and his timeless creation of the world of Wonderland as seen in the two novels.

I have attached a link below to The Looking Glass crowdfunding page. We are hoping to raise £8,000 within the next 8 weeks. We would be eternally grateful to you if you could support this project in any way you possibly can. Like you we are fans and are simply celebrating these cherished works but we need support from people like you to make this production a reality. There is far more detailed information about this project on our crowdfunding page as well as the rewards which are on offer to anybody who supports our work. I very much hope you would like to be kept updated with the progress of this production.

I very much hope you will support us

Best Wishes

Franklyn Jacks

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