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New Disney Comic

Postby jerseybelle » Sat Apr 21, 2007 12:09 pm

For those of you who collect Alice comics, one of the latest out is a series by Disney entitled "Wonderland"... Published by SLG... Written by Tommy Kovac... Illustrator: Sonny Liew. There are only 3 issues out right now: Wonderland #1, May 2006; Wonderland #2, September 2006, Wonderland #3, January 2007.

"Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Classic works and the Disney animated motion picture." The key words to describe 'Wonderland' are 'inspired by' and Kovac plops you into the 'land Alice left behind when she returned Through The Looking Glass'. The storyline is really very funny and pulls all the characters together in an offbeat rendition of Carroll and the 'slapstick violence' of Disney. It keeps the reader interested and wanting to see what the next 'conversion' will be.

The art is very busy and wonderfully sketched... Amusing and colorfully delightful. And... Surprise...!!! Alice has short, dark hair... A very nice change from her usual blonde.

Kovac tells all about it in this interview from last year: ... 6;t=005044

Wonderland #3 ends with:... to be continued. I can't wait for the next issue.

These are GREAT additions to your collection and very reasonable at $3.50(US) each. You can buy them direct from the publisher here (don't get put off by their 'slave labor' title... they have a good sense of humor): ... ney_Comics

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