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Alice [i]as Gaeilge[/i]!

Postby 3rdpoliceman » Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:08 pm

Yes! It is true. You can now get both Alice books in Irish! They are called:

"Eachtrai Eilise i dTir na nIontas" and "Lastall den Scathan agus a bhFuair Eilis Ann Roimpi". I have both copies. The second one even has the Wasp in a Wig chapter in it!
And now for something completely different...

Jabberwocky as Gaeilge (in Irish) :

Briollaic a bhi ann; bhi na toibhi sleo
ag girleail 's ag gimleail ar an taof.
B' an-chuama go deo na borragoibh
is bhi na radai miseacha ag braiomh.

That's verse one, anyway. Would anyone like to hear the rest of it?

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