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Extended Essay - Problems with Identity and Belonging

Postby bottom37 » Fri Jan 31, 2014 2:19 pm

I am currently an IB student in the States who has begun working on the Extended Essay criteria. I have decided upon the topic of Problems with Identity and Belonging in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.
I have collected some information yet I would like some thoughts from other people as I am the only person in my IB class who desired to do a surreal book... or even a book for that matter.
I have highlighted many a page through both novels yet seem to be missing something to reach my 4000 word quota... any external reading or information will be appreciated.

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Postby Treacle » Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:12 am

The Wikibook about International Baccalaureate/Extended Essay Tips warns against taking anything from the internet as a source, but you seem willing to risk asking for advice: have you used the Definitive Annotated Alice (2000), by Martin Gardner, as a resource? It's a printed book, but I've seen it as an e-book too. In any case, Gardner gathers into one place the variety of related matter the EE seems to be looking for (though the book is longer than 4000 words, of course).

The Wikibook also warns not to write the EE at the last moment after all the other IBO stuff you have to deal with. If you have time, you're in the right place to roam the Alice world if you use all the areas at Lenny's Alice in Wonderland site, such the forum and then the resources in the Resources area.

[To tell you the truth, I had to check on the internet tonight to begin to know what you were talking about when you said "IB" and "Extended Essay". Good luck doing well in high school!]

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