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Human once

Postby Mythology1 » Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:59 pm

I've always wondered about the humanoid characters since i first read this in my youth.
For example: What if the Carpenter and the Hatter were once humans who wandered into Wonderland like Alice. But unlike her, they never found their way out. Over time their memories and humanity faded away as they became apart of that realm. Alice was very confused about her identity, so maybe that is a natural effect of entering that world, and had she stayed longer she would have completely forgotten who she was.
The royals look more human, but they are also partly card/chess piece, so this might only apply for those two, and a few others like the Cook, and maybe the White Knight.
I have heard people theorize that the inhabitants of Wonderland/Looking glass land are faeries. In old tales, they could look like humans or animals. I was thinking of how humans would end up in their world and never be able to leave.

Since most of the creatures there are animals/mythical creatures, has anyone else ever pondered the more humanoid characters in this way? I', interested in hearing others thoughts on this.

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