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Alice with the white rabbit

Postby Linas4oClockFriends » Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:32 am


my name is Lina and I celebrated my favorite book by making a doll set starring Alice and the white rabbit.

Alice was beginning to get quite a bit tired of sitting by her sister in the garden when suddenly she spotted a curious little white something going round and round in circles murmering to himself. She sighed, got up and tried to get a closer look without being noticed ... as if it wasn't difficult enough to try to read a book without pictures or conversations in it, no - every now and then someone would try to distract her by claiming in one way or another that she, Alice didn't belong in this world but another one - one that was far more exciting and fun ... "Got you! Now would you please stop fidgeting? I'm trying to save you from falling into that big rabbit-hole over there."


You can visit them on facebook: ... 4251874439
... or on Etsy: ... p-header-0

Thank you. Have a nice day

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