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***Please read before using this forum***

Postby Lenny » Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:14 pm

Welcome to the Alice in Wonderland forum! Posts can be serious scholastic discussions to questions about school papers.

Please check out the resources section of this website first before posting questions about the Alice in Wonderland books or the Disney cartoon movie! The site also has a FAQ, which answers common questions like whether or not the author was on drugs while writing the story.

Registration & accounts
You do not have to register to post or read messages. However, if you plan to visit this forum regularly, you may consider creating your own account. By signing up, you can claim your own username, get more features and get access to the member forum.

You may create only one account per person. If you want to change your username, or if you are having problems with your account, contact me.

Please mind: user accounts that have not been activated within 3 months after registering will be deleted. Activated user accounts with 0 posts and no activity within the last 12 months will be deleted as well. When a user was active during that year, but just did not make any posts (for example only read messages), the account will not be deleted. Accounts with posts will never be deleted.

Please obey to the following rules when using this forum:
- Think of a relevant subject when starting a new thread. "Help wanted!!" or "Alice" is not meaningful to other visitors.
- Do not ask other visitors to do your homework. You are required to do a little effort yourself before posting: read books and websites to get a general idea of your subject and ask specific questions.
- Make useful posts; do not reply with just "yeah", "me too" or a smiley.
- Mind your spelling: use standard English, not chat-language. Care about punctuation.
- Please do not TYPE EVERYTHING IN CAPITALS (this also goes for topic titles).
- Be nice to eachother. If you don't agree with a post, do not get personal; try to convince the other person with arguments.
- Avatars may not be bigger than 60 x 60 pixels and have a maximum filesize of 30,000 Kb.
- Text signatures may not be higher than 5 lines. Having images in your signature is not encouraged, but if you must, they should not be higher than 55 px. No flashing thingies etc; the general guideline for signatures is that they should not distract from the text of the posting.

Posts that contain abusive language or do not obey to these rules will be edited or deleted.

If you see spam postings, please do not reply to them. They will be deleted anyway and it saves me time if I don't have to delete your postings as well.

Now let''s create an Alice in Wonderland community!!

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