Loungefly Eat Me Cross Body Purse Alice in Wonderland Bag Standard

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Cute purse that looks like a heart-shaped cookie, with the words 'eat me'. It also features a little bow, a golden Alice shaped charm and an "Alice in Wonderland" emblem. Made of faux leather, with a top zipper closure. Measures 9" wide, 8" high, 3" thick.


Alice really wasn’t prepared for her journey into Wonderland, but then, what girl could be? Potions that shrink you to the size of a hookah-smoking caterpillar, a whimsically wacky Mad Hatter who wants to whisk you away to a tantalizing tea party and a calmly cantankerous kitty cat with a garish grin all populate every inch of the world. Those just aren’t the types of things you can predict, but perhaps there is a way to stay ready for a world of wonder. Perhaps, you can take a little piece of Lewis Carroll’s magnificent imagination with you at all times. And maybe you can be ready for any kind of odd journey that your life can throw at you with an adventurous hang bag at your side.That’s right, adventure can happen at any moment, so it’s better just to prepare yourself for a journey the second you walk out the door! With a design based on the delicious delicacy from Wonderland, it looks sweet enough to eat while resting around your shoulder. Amazing little touches like an Alice shaped charm and an “Alice in Wonderland” emblem ensure that this feels like a true piece from the classic tale. It lets the world know that you’re a tea party kind of girl and that you don’t mind chasing a White Rabbit or two if it means traveling to wondrous places and meeting strange new friends. – Purse – Shoulder Strap
Size: Standard
Outer dimensions 9″ wide, 8″ high, 3″ thick
Faux leather outer shell, fabric lining, top zipper closure
Length-adjustable shoulder strap clips to D-rings on sides of bag
Embroidered “EAT ME” on front of bag

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