Cheshire Cat Watch

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Cheshire Cat wrist watch, with a push button back light display that lights up the cat’s smile and eyes and allows you to read the time in the dark.


The Cheshire Cat Watch offered here features the work of Ward Kimball.  This watch face features a spectacular artistic color image of  Cheshire Cat. It also has a push button back light display that lights up the cat’s famed smile and eyes while allowing you to read the time in the dark. Three hand analog Japanese Quartz movement,Gold tone case diameter: 32 mm, brown leather band 18mm, mineral crystal.  This watch has an animator’s bio pamphlet and Certificate of Authenticity included as shown in the photos. Distributed by Walt Disney The Disney Signature series highlights the work of Disney’s all time greatest artists. The watches presented are designed by those artists and feature well known characters and scenes from their careers. The watches are displayed in beautiful hard wood boxes with the artists signatures burned into the lid. Also included is a certificate of authenticity and a pamphlet that shows photos of the artists and describes their history and contribution to Disney audiences the world over. About the animator Ward Kimball:Ward Kimball (1914 – 2002) started with Walt Disney in 1934. In addition to Cheshire Cat also created the Crows in Dumbo, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Mad Hatter, Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio and many others. He was also a renowned jazz Trombonist. He was one of Disneys famed “Nine Old Men” the  core animators of Disney animated films that include among others: Ollie Johnson and Frank Thomas and was revered for his knowledge and understanding of visual aesthetics. His fascination with electric trains was the inspiration for the Disneyland Railroad, with one of the engines Ward Kimball engine #5 being named after him.
Cheshire Cat on face with light up teeth and eyes
Disney Signature series commemorating their greatest animators
Wood box with animator signature etched in lid, Ward Kimball
Commemorates 60 years of Ward Kimball Disney animations
Wood box and artists bio plus Certicate of authenticity

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