elope Disney’s Alice Throught the Looking Glass Cheshire Cat Mouth Mover Mask

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Very detailed Cheshire Cat mask, made of faux fur. It offers full coverage: it fits over your head and covers your neck entirely. It also has a moving mouth that sits along your jawline inside and talks in perfect unison with you!


Smiles are such a strange thing, aren’t they? Everyone has one that’s just a little bit different from everyone else’s smile. Some happy and full of glee, while others are full devious mystery. Some smiles are full of teeth, others are just a grin, but my, oh my, are there some unique ones out there. Take the smile of the Cheshire Cat for examples. No one can beat his smile! Perhaps it’s because that the rest of him sometimes disappears, leaving only a set of kitty teeth to see. We tried disappearing ourselves once, but just couldn’t figure out how to do it like Alice in Wonderland character, but we did come up with a way to get a smile just like his!This Cheshire Cat Mouth Mover Mask gives you the mischievous grin of the Through the Looking Glass character. With a furry exterior, glaring blue eyes and a smile that moves as your mouth does, this mask can help anyone achieve their dream of being a fantastically fancy cat from Wonderland. Of course, it may take some time to learn that disappearing trick he does…(we’re still working on that one). – Mask
Size: Standard
Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Mouth Mover Mask
Won’t make you disappear (we think)
Plastic frame covered with faux fur
Mask covers entire head and neck

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