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Mad Tea Party cookbook, with a lot of great black and white illustrations that can be colored. It also contains information on what low tea, high tea and tea parties are, along with a few recipes for each type of tea party. The recipies are simple, so children will be able to have a lot of fun with it.


Would you like to see the pictures in this book? Check out the digital comic cookbook version of this book for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Forever Hatter: Mad Tea Party Cookbook transports you into a quirky culinary world inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The book features over 50 pages of whimsical drawings inspired by and featuring the characters from Wonderland, including Alice, the Hatter, and of course, that eggs-ceptional egg, Humpty Dumpty.

This graphic-novel-style parody cookbook features a delicious romp across the imaginary tables of Wonderland. It’s a place where high tea is actually low tea, meat’s on the menu, and everything is washed down with a gulp or two on lemonade plus some instant coffee. Just as “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” did 150 years ago, this book throws conventional norms on their heads and sets the record straight once and for all about high tea.

This book is a production of Wonderland Cafe, a world created by SciFi/ Fantasy writer, Buffy Naillon. Its strong visuals are inspired by the chessboards of “Through the Looking Glass,” the checkerboard floors of American diners, vintage restaurant menus, Batman comics, and the delicious recipes of both high and low tea. This book is the first in a series of coloring book cookbooks/ comics inspired by well-known folk tale and fairy tale worlds.

This book comes in two versions, the digital cookbook, available for Amazon Kindle Unlimited, and the cookbook/ coloring book print book. The digital book is a cookbook only. For those who want to color this book as a keepsake, take a look at the print version.

A fun book for book clubs to try!</P

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