Interlocking Chessboard Floor Tiles

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Set of 16 black and white interlocking foam floor tiles. Buy multiple sets to expand your very own chessboard!
(Each tile is 1′ x 1′; 16 tiles create a 4′ x 4′ area.)


FOAM TILES SIZE – Each Tile = 1 square foot (1′ x 1′ area); 16 Tiles = 16 square feet (4′ x 4′ area), Each tile with 2 borders; 0.4″ thickness
ELEGANT COLOR THAT COMPLIMENTS YOUR DECOR! You can forget about the usual, colorful foam mats, these wonderful black and white tiles will not disrupt your house’s decor and will blend perfectly in any room you choose to use them on
MAKE THEM AS YOU LIKE ‘EM! Each tile’s outer borders can effortlessly be removed. Hence, each tile can become a corner, a border tile, or a center piece. And if you have a larger area, don’t worry; you can always get an extra set from us and as many of them as you need
WATERPROOF AND A BREEZE TO CLEAN! Don’t worry if you spilled some drops of water or a bit of milk on your brand new tiles; they are waterproof, and the best part is that they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. All you need to do is wipe them gently
TAKE THEM WITH YOU ALMOST ANYWHERE! Are you going to grandma’s for the weekend and want a nice playmat for your kids? Or perhaps you’re going for camping and need something to put under your tent? Well, our foam mats will do the trick for you; plus they are so lightweight, that carrying them is a piece of cake

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