Jacquard Tapestry Pillow Case – The Late Rabbit

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Jacquard pillow case with the White Rabbit, pocket watches, and a quote. 14" x 14".


Charlotte Home Furnishing Inc. presents the finest Tapestry cushions available in the market. These tapestry pillow throw covers make a desirable addition to your home.

Enhance your home interior and patio decor with the adorable The Late Rabbit Alice In Wonderland I French Tapestry Cushions. The tapestry cushion case represents a beautiful woven depiction of the White Rabbit who was late for the Hatter’s tea party from the story Alice in Wonderland. A beautiful, decorative pillow for your couch or accent for your bed, this pillows and cushions cover makes a wonderful addition to any room. The woven cushion cover is made using cotton and adds warmth to your room. This cover is far more durable than other fabric compositions.

Trust the Real Tapestry Cushion & Home Decor Specialists

Charlotte Home Furnishings Inc. is dedicated in providing your home with the best in European home decor. Our European tapestry cushion covers will give a special touch of fun and elegance to your home decor. Tapestry cushions are a great addition to your couch, sofa, bed and bench. Our entire range of Tapestry pillows will make a perfect and unique gift for any occasion. Decorate and refresh your home with our European tapestry pillows. Charlotte Home Furnishings is an approved and registered trade with USPTO. We try and maintain 100% customer satisfaction and ensure a happy buying experience.

Transform your home decor with decorative pillow covers! Use them for floor throws, bench cushions or bedroom cushions.


  • Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with the tapestry cushion cover, you may return your purchase in good condition within 30 days of purchase for full refund.
  • As per the industry standards, there can be a variation of 3-7% in the listed sizes.
  • Pillow inserts are not included with the pillow cushion cover.

HOME DECOR ACCENT: The French tapestry cushion covers are specially designed to enhance your decor accent in the family room, bedroom, den or living room. The French woven tapestry, The Late Rabbit Alice In Wonderland I cushion case feature the Late Rabbit or better known as the White Rabbit in the middle with a beautiful border of White Rabbit’s Pocket watch.
CUSHION COMPOSITION: The European tapestry cushion cases are made from100% cotton fabric. These decorative pillow covers adds warmth to your room. These cushion covers are suitable to be used as throw pillows for sofas, decorative pillows for an indoor bench, or as impressive floor cushions.
WEAVING TECHNIQUE: The tapestry cushion covers are woven cushion cases that use advanced weaving techniques along with a combination of various yarns to bring life to the throw pillow case. This cushion case is tougher and far more durable than other fabric compositions. It can be dry cleaned only when required.
PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: This French tapestry cushion measures 14 in. wide and long. The fine art tapestry cushion uses an eclectic combination of – Beige, Red, and White threads. This couch pillow/ floor pillow is hand finished and backed with a plain, soft, high-quality velvet. The couch pillow closes with a high-quality hidden zipper that allows easy change of pillow inserts.
Caution: Fraudulent sellers are copying our pillow covers design and printing on low quality polyester. They list their products as Tapestry cushions and sell for $ 4.99-12.99. To ensure you are buying authentic Belgian tapestry cushion covers/pillow covers, make sure you check out with Charlotte Home Furnishings Inc. All tapestry pillows sold by Charlotte Home Furnishings Inc. are guaranteed to be authentic jacquard woven and hand-crafted European tapestry cushions.

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